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Wednesday, June 23rd

1300 - 1700 -- "Don't Be Fooled....Follow the Rules" 

Instructor: TBD

  • De scription: An Accreditation and Certification Manager's guide to attaining and keeping your award. This class will address the critical issues and rules of the GA State Certification Program.

Thursday, June 24th

0800 - 1000 -- Police Role in Correcting Wrongful Convictions

Instructor: Chief Louis Dekmar, LaGrange Police Department and Georgia Innocence Project

  • Description: This 2-hour course focuses on causes of and solutions to wrongful convictions and best practices for all professionals of the criminal justice system. Representatives from the Georgia Innocence Project will be present.

1015 - 1100 -- Organized Crime Trends 

Instructor: TBD

  • Description: Course will review and identify the current organized crime trends and policy changes for securing warrants from mobile network carriers.

1300 - 1345 -- Analysis vs. Review for Compliance 

Instructor: TBD

  • Description: Course will review what is needed for compliance with standards and provide strategies on how to conduct an analysis (even if there is no data).

1430 - 1515 -- Time Sensitive Standards (CALEA & GLECP)

Instructor: Vince Dauro, CALEA Regional Program Manager

  • Description: A review of time sensitive standards for both programs will be provided. Instructors will also clarify the number of proofs for each time frame.

1530 - 1630 -- Panel Discussion: All Questions Are Welcome

Panelists: Chuck Groover, GACP State Certification Coordinator; Vince Dauro, CALEA Regional Program Manager; and current Georgia Certification/Accreditation Managers

  • Description: Have a question regarding certification with GACP or accreditation with CALEA? This discussion hour is dedicated to answering any questions you may have by providing firsthand accounts and strategies for success. 

Friday, June 25th

0900 - 1200 -- Leadership in Law Enforcement 

Instructor: Chief Janet Moon, Peachtree City Police Department 

  • Description: This 3-hour course will identify what qualities a manager (even a manager without rank) must possess and what actions to take to lead their agency to a successful on-site.

*Tentative Schedule - Subject To Change